LSIS People

Human Resources

Our goal is to find and develop high-potential individuals possessing positive mindset , creative ideas, and distinguished professional skills. With a sophisticated personnel management system and various programs to develop talented individuals, all employees at LSIS have the ability to become true leaders of innovation with keen understandings of the worldwide business environment.

LSIS' Role Model Employee

LSIS seeks after individuals who are positive, creative and professional. These employees also all share LSIS's core values (flexibility, faithfulness, R&R and harmony) that are the foundations of open management philosophy behind LSIS' commitment to its customers.

Performance-based Personnel Management System

LSIS' personnel management system is based on "high performance leads to high rewards." concept. This performance based culture is realized through a diverse and fair personnel management system that takes into account annual salary system, high-performer advance/promotion system, incentive pay scheme, and World Class Performer incentive program. This multi-faceted personnel management system has proven to be a driving force for employees to excel higher to achieve greater results.

Organizational Development Programs

LSIS strives to develop high-potential employees based on human resources management policy that “high-caliber employees are the key competitive edge of a company.” We offer various organizational development programs like domestic and foreign higher education program and overseas expert training program to develop our high-potential employees to become global experts.

Higher Education Degree Program Acquiring knowledge in core technologies and nurturing employees to become the best resources in R&D area
Overseas Regional Expert
Training Program
Sending employees overseas to develop them into becoming local market experts.
Global Executive MBA Program Developing future executives via MBA programs at leading universities worldwide to become experts in global management.
Globalization Training Program Various language courses offered at the LS Industrial Systems Education & Training Center and the LG Academy
Job Training Program Sending employees to various training institutions in Korea and abroad to become experts in their jobs.
LSIS ideal Employee image
Positive People People who are energetic and positive-minded, who work well with fellow coworkers and who adhere to ethical procedures at work. Creative People People who lead in developing the company into a global enterprise through changes & innovation and generating top products and services via creative ideas Professional People People who incessantly strive to become the best in their jobs, have keen understanding of ever-changing global business environment and the competency and passion to compete globally.