LSIS have secured a full line-up of power and electronics-based transmission solutions with HVDC(High Volate Direct Current) and FACTS(Flexible AC Transmission System).
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HVDC(High Voltage Direct Current)system converts AC to DC to transmit long distance and then converts back again to connect with the AC grid with very low loss.



1) Long Distance Transmission with Lower Cost

     HVDC is the only option for the overhead transmission longer than 300km or submarine/underground 40km thanks to DC characteristics.


2) Eco-friendly Transmission

     HVDC system has lower environmental impact because it requires fewer overhead lines comparing to AC system.
     The technology is also the key component in the future energy system based on renewable energy sources.


3) Optimal Grid Management

     HVDC can directly interconnect load centers with huge energy sources efficiently.
     Therefore, negative impact on the grid is minimized.
     HVDC also improves the performance of AC grid by means of additional controllability.


Main Components


FACTS(Flexible AC Transmission System) consists of power electronics and other static components to increase controllability and power transfer ability of AC network.
LSIS produces and sells one of FACTS - Static Var Compensator(SVC).



1) Power Quality Stabilization

     In industrial applications, SVC can smooth flicker voltage generated by rapidly varying loads (such as furnaces).

2) Electrical Grid Management

     In transmission applications, SVC regulates grid’s reactive power to keep the voltage in normal range.


Main Components