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No Title File Type Language Date
1241 [HMI] XGT Panel iXP2H English User's Manual download Manual English
1240 XP-Manager V2.20 download Software English
1239 XP-Remote V2.20.2219 download Software English
1238 iXP2H Catalog download Catalog English
1237 iS7 Catalog download Catalog English
1236 wXP_V2.20.2219 download Software English
1235 [PLC] XGT Dnet (XGL-DMEB)_English User's Manual_V1.01 download Manual English
1234 [PLC] XGT PNET_English User Manual V2.41 download Manual English
1233 Drive Solution Catalog download Catalog English
1232 [PLC] XG5000 V4.28 download Software English
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