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question I am installing an LSIS VFD at a high altitude. Do I need to derate the VFD?
question Is there any offset for communications addresses on LS drives?
question What parameters do I need to set on my LSIS VFD?
question What does "Class 10" and "Class 20" mean when selecting overload relays?
question kindly also inform your development plan on the following :
1. Busbars for MMS : No. of Tap-off points ranging from 2 to 5
2. Accessories for Busbars : Protection end covers for unused busbar outlets, Terminal Block for connecting from top, Terminal block for connection with busbar outlet & Cover for terminal block.
3. Current limiter for increasing braking capacity to 100KA.
4. Flush & Surface mounted IP 55 Enclosures.
5. Padlock external operator (150 to 290mm)
6. Phase Barriers
7. Rotary Handle : Direct Rotary handle IP40 , Adaptation plates IP43 (For mounting Direct rotary handle on Enclousre door) & Extended rotary handle IP55
8. Locking device for MMS not fitted with rotary handle.
We shall be highly grateful if you can inform the status of your development plan and if above included in your plan or not. If yes then kindly inform when these will be commercially available.
question Please inform me about which certificates you have for the MMS products . We like to have a copy of these certificates by e-mail
question I need the TECHNICAL information for DMP relay.
More technical and any kind of certificate that is available for this item.
Can we protect electro motor bigger than 22kW; if yes let me know how it is possible.

Sincerely yours
Pars Niroo Sun
question I want to communicate with Gipam 2200FN, Gimac II Plus by using Modbus RS485. I have a Modbus Master what is request the information of Gipam and Gimac. But I have tried some wiring connection with Gipam and Gimac, All connection is not successful.
Please help me to resolve this problem? Could you send me Modbus Rs485 wiring?
Please sent to my email: mantuy186@gmail.com
Thanks in advance!
question 1. Which measure is correct for resetting trip of EMPR: a) by once pressing button "Test/Reset"; b) resupply power of EMPR? But when we're try to reset trip by resupply power, the configuration of date is reset too. Instruction illustrate the electric scheme that show us the interrupting of supply power by "OFF/RESET" button. What the reason is of interrupting power supply of EMPR?

2. Where can we find the EXPAND description of parameters and trips of EMPR? The catalogs which could be download from LSIS.biz has not enough information about it.
question Dear sir,
Today (6.6.2011) I bought from local market, through my electrician named Saeed,, circuit breaker, ABE 103b, 60A 3P, 100A, and got it installed in my house DB for electricity purposes.
I feel to inform you that shopkeeper name is Mukhtar Electric Store, Ama Rashida Market, Tanki Malir, Karachi, Pakistan. Phone # 021-34265939. He charged me Rs.1900/- in Pakistani currency.
I request you to let me know following:-
!) Whether electric element bought is genuine, that is from your factory/establishment making? In this regard, I gave detailed description # of breaker, at line 1/above.
2)If not kindly write to your agent in Pakistan, whose address given above by me to take action against the shopkeeper.
3)I have original receipt of it.
I shall be obliged for a response from your good self. I give my e-mail, hereunder.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
Abdel Hameed Khan